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Price: 150,00
Alcohol Type:Gin
Minimalna ilość zamówienia: 0.00 SZTUK
Waga netto: 0.00 KG
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product Description

Bayab’s new design elevates the message that their gins are distilled using locally grown botanicals. The look and feel is contemporary and simple, supported by bold colours that communicate the uniquely South African botanicals & flavours. The dotted pattern that gives Bayab’s label it’s distinctive look takes inspiration from Bayab’s unique lead botanical - the Baobab fruit which hails from Zambia and Madagascar. The Baobab fruit sits at the heart of the gin, so it sits at the heart of the design. The sharp edges of the logo type, the angles on the A’s, the mirrored symmetry and the inner line on the logo, have all been inspired by ZULU patterns and traditional South African typography. The aroma includes citrus fruits and orange peel, the taste also includes citrus, grapefruit peel and exotic fruit with a unique finish.

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